The Suncoast Amateur Radio Society

The Society

As the name implies, we are a group of individuals in the North Port, Venice, Sarasota, and Bradenton area, brought together because of our shared interest and enjoyment of amateur, or ham radio.

The Goal

Whether you are a newly licensed amateur radio operator, or licensed twenty-five years or more, there is a common bond and camaraderie that exists between amateur radio operators - regardless of ones level of experience.

One of the oldest traditions of amateur radio, is of the seasoned "old timer" passing down his knowledge, experiences, and stories to newer hams. The goal of the Suncoast Amateur Radio Society, is to provide the opportunity for individuals (licensed or not) to get together to share knowledge and uphold these amateur radio values and traditions.

The Concept

First and foremost, the Suncoast Amateur Radio Society is not another amateur radio club. This means, there will be:

  • No officers
  • No dues
  • No boring business meetings
  • No repeater
  • No net
  • No commitment
  • No politics
  • No bull

  • Instead of focusing on typical club business, the Suncoast Amateur Radio Society was created to embrace the values and traditions of amateur radio:

  • Camaraderie
  • Fellowship
  • Family
  • A sense of community
  • Common interests
  • Education
  • Enjoyment

  • The Plan

    The Suncoast Amateur Radio Society, is an "informal" group of like minded amateur radio operators that get together on a regular basis, to meet, share, teach, and talk amateur radio. The Society hopes to attract those individuals looking for a place to meet other hams and learn something new about ham radio, without all the trappings of a formal amateur radio club.

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